Godfrey Kurari

Godfrey Kurari was born in Mufakose, a township of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare. In 1986 Godfrey joined a well known sculptors group, where he collected stone from the countryside and brought it to the center to work on.  He yearned for more independence and in 1993 he left to form a co-operative with some of his friends in the countryside near Harare.  When he looks at the trees around the open spaces where he and other artists work, he wonders how long the will stay.  If for some reason the trees get cut down, he will move further out into the bush.  Art and nature cannot be separated.  When he works there, his imagination stretches to no-man’s land and he works wonders.  If you take him out of the bush, you take the artist out of him.¹

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